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Meeting health care needs

in the 21st century is a demanding occupation and with the ever-changing laws and regulations providing that care in accordance with compliance guidelines is especially important. We recognize that being good stewards of the hospice benefit is not only good business practice, but necessary as a part of good, comprehensive care of patients and their surviving families.

End of life care is becoming a much higher priority

in the health care industry, and the value of our work is increasingly being recognized. We strive to set the bar as hospice care providers. Through education of patients, families, and healthcare professionals we will work to identify patients based on actual physical condition rather than the condition of the Medicare benefit period.

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Supportive Hands Hospice and Palliative Care...

Supportive Hands Hospice can answer any questions you have about hospice and palliative care. Our teams provide care and support wherever you choose to be.

All medications, nurse and CNA visits, medical equipment and 24/7 assistance are covered by Medicare and monitored by our licensed staff physician.

Benefits of Hospice

Comfort-Oriented Care

Hospice care focuses on providing comfort and symptom management to patients with a terminal illness.

Holisitic Approach

Hospice addresses the physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of a patient’s well-being.

Support for Families

The Medicare hospice benefit covers grief and loss counseling for family members up to 12 months after one’s passing

Care In Familiar Settings

Hospice care can be provided in a patient’s home, which can be especially meaningful during a patient’s end-of-life journey.

We Serve

Maricopa and Pinal Counties. We provide the level of care that you want and need, from your home, and provide support during this time. Call to arrange a free, at-home evaluation for our services.

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